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Friday, March 2, 2012

Learn By Doing {Part 2}

It’s been a long week, but as promised…

For business majors we have a number of things that we do to
practice learn by doing. We do what are
called case studies. They are usually
written by the Harvard Business Review or a professor. A professor uses situations from their
experience. All the cases set the stage of
the problem, and then go through all the problems and then we have to fix the
problem. We talk about the ways it could
have been done and then what the company actually did. One of my friends that works in HR told me
this week that case studies are real life problems in the business world. I guess we are doing something right.

The other thing we do…group projects. And lots of them. I’m drowning in group projects. Can anyone relate? I am a pro a group projects. Not to worry, I have good group members this
quarter. My friends joke about my group
projects, and the fact that I’m a hard worker.
But really everyone is pulling their weight this time around. And guess what? We have a class that we have to learn how to
be effective in groups {well plus other stuff}.
So there you have it.
To be a good business major, know how to analyze problems and be able to
work in groups. Yes, there’s more to it…but
that’s the basics! :)

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