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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Headphones {listening}

I am not a headphone wearer. I like enjoying others music and don’t like being unreachable. I hate when I talk to someone and then realize they didn’t hear a thing I said...because their headphones were in. I would rather get to enjoy the music throughout the room then blasting my music into my lone ears.
While I was studying the other day {and no, I shouldn’t even being blogging because it’s crazy being back, in the states, in college, with my life}. I felt like my headphones had to compete with the noise. I was in the non quiet part of the library. I don’t know why I thought the library would be a good place to study. Every time I would turn up the music to help me focus, the noise level of the library would rise. Me not liking headphones is rooted in the fact that they make my ears and head and jaw sore or hurt {especially in the case that I listen for more than 20 minutes}. Let’s just say the focus issue wasn’t being fixed or helped by trying to block out the noise. I ended up with wandering thoughts, lack of study focus and the beginnings of a headache.
I find that headphones distance me from others and have unwanted side effects {see above headaches and overall frustration}. I feel like my generation does not listen well. I see it in the class room and in broken relationships. I hear others talk about how they don’t know how to listen and hear God. And while those may seem unrelated, I see the correlation. If you can’t listen in a broken, human relationship, how are you going to listen in the most important relationship?
I love this song, but maybe it’s because it’s a comfort tool after distance has already happened. I believe that God speaks to us and we just have to listen and focus on him. He has a message for us. All the other noise will fall away if we are solely focused on him. Too bad the same thing doesn’t happen when we focus on homework or studying!

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