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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dreaming Big

This quarter {yes, my school is on the quarter system or fast track as I like to call it} I am taking classes that all involve international business, or the international world. I now have friends all over the world or at least people that I could get in contact with all over the world. I think globally on a daily basis. It no longer blows my mind the amount of people that are in the world. I should rephrase that in to that I am not surprised by the numbers. Then again with perspective, think of all the people that you don’t know. How many people around the world don’t know the major world leaders, or celebrities or…Jesus?
We talk about religion in the United States…a lot. We usually debate it more than we reasonably talk about it. It is safe to say that almost every person in the United States has heard the name Jesus. It could be through church, the street corner preacher, or even {sad to say} swearing. People have heard and they have a choice to respond. But other places in the world, it’s not so certain. There are people that have never heard ‘Jesus’ uttered. They don’t have the choice to decide how they will respond, because they have never heard the message.
I’m thinking about the world, thinking about unreached people groups, and how small I am in the grand scheme of things. How helpless I am to make direct effects. It is my dream that people would have the ability to choose to follow Jesus or not. But they need to be given that ability to choose. God is bigger than my little dream. He can change hearts without the person hearing the name Jesus. And that blows my mind more than the amount of people that live in the world. I am going to be praying that people would be given that choice, and that they would be reached, no matter how that comes about.
I don’t usually use this blog as a soap box, and I don’t want it to be a place to speak at someone. But I do want to use it as a place to share what I am thinking about. These are things that I am thinking about. I go to a university where people I meet on a regular basis don’t believe the same or agree with me. So, feel free to comment. Feel free to share. Be respectful.
What is your dream? {There are no limits; it can be big or simple to accomplish.}

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