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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reliving Christmas Day

If you haven’t read about Christmas Eve scroll down and read that. Then this will make more sense. This will wait…

Christmas day dawned in Italy and we slept in again. Can you blame us when we walked home from Mass? After arriving we did a little skype session with some family members {ok, not my family members but I met Megan and Brenda’s!}. Christmas we went for a walk to the Pantheon because we were hoping to go in. They did not adhere to their hours so I didn’t get to see inside. Well that’s not true; I took a peek through the door.
We took lots of pictures {which I don’t currently have in my possession} because the lighting was excellent! And then we kept walking. We ended up by the Trevi fountain and enjoying the sunshine.

On our way back to the flat we had lunch at a trattoria, or small family run restaurant. It was so delicious. We enjoyed bruchetta and penne alla vodka. Yum! After our walk we had some down time to relax and enjoy the day.

It wasn’t long before we went on our “night walk” which we started at 4.45pm because that was when it was getting dark. We combined a path I had and good ol’ Rick Steve’s “heart of Rome walk”. Along the way we saw a fountain that was a face that looked like it was spitting at you and ran into a carnival. The carnival was set up in the piazza that they used to flood in the summer and use to act out naval battles.

We ended at the Spanish steps. Before this we took our time going past the Trevi fountain. Can you say crowded? It was fun though. I got to take a picture for an older Italian couple. They were so cute together! We also got gelato at the most famous gelato shop in Rome. They were busy and it was so cold outside! {we are so crazy and silly!}

After getting back to the flat we ate dinner which was Pho. It was a multi cultural day! I got to skype with my family and then we went for a last gelato run. My last gelato run in Italy I am sad to say. And yes you read correctly, I had gelato twice on Christmas. I joke {but am somewhat serious} when I say that it was my Christmas gift to myself.
I really truly am almost done with my adventures in Italy. We have 2 more episodes…the half day in Rome and getting home. Can you stick with me? How is 2012 treating ya’ll?

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