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Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting Back into Writing

It’s been a little bit of a break. I hope you all don’t mind. My plan is to keep writing. I’m back in the States, but life is a little different now. I hope that you will stick around as there will always be everyday adventures.
The next few days are busy. I, like most school children around here, start school on January 3rd. Hello more school! So hang in here with me as a) we recap on Rome, b) talk about the journey to my home in the states, and c) a few observations of the first few days here. Let’s begin.
Roma. There is a feel to Rome that I wasn’t expecting that took me by surprise. It still has the Italian slow down and enjoy life mentality but it’s mixed with the fast pace of city life. Vespas screech around corners, fountains appear throughout the walk to the next destination, and little hole in the wall shops are the norm aside from the big chain retailers.

I arrived on a train where I was not guaranteed a seat {oh and they are assigned on long rides like these ones} and every stop, every door to the car I was looking over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t have to move. Thankfully I didn’t. There were people everywhere in the train station and McDonalds was the popular spot. I waited for the friends I was meeting up with and ended having a pleasant conversation with a woman from Torino! What are the odds?! And yes, it was all in Italian.
After meeting up we headed to the metro and were greeted by gypsies who were most unhelpful. {Unfortunately this fits with the stereotype that they are known for} We made it to our little flat, and it was on a piazza that had a fountain. It was the best way to present Rome. My friend Megan and I had a gelato snack while Brenda had lasagna at a restaurant at the foot of the building.
We rested up and settled in and then it was off to the Vatican to pick up tickets for Christmas Eve mass. We went in circles around the Vatican trying to find the “bronze door”. We didn’t follow our directions very well and then the door was hidden. We got in and I got my ticket! I felt like Willie Wonka and the golden ticket.

Since we were there we figured we should have a look inside and hopefully we wouldn’t be as surprised or overwhelmed the next evening. That building is such a work of art! We headed back to the flat and went in search of dinner. We found a pizza place where you order by piece or get your choice of pasta. While waiting to order and pay I met two guys that live down the street. Neither of them is Italian, one was teaching English and the other gave English tours at the Vatican museum.

The people in Rome are friendly. I mean part of it is that half of them make money off of tourism and the people. The others though are just willing to help. It’s a little different than Torino.

Next I’ll talk about the Christmas Eve Vatican experience.

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