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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Life Update

Has it really been since September that I have written? This blog has not been far from my head or my heart but life has moved along whether I wrote or not.
As you can see it’s a little different around here. My hope is that it will continue to change and develop. I’m not satisfied yet. This whole using someone else's template drives me crazy but I have no reason to complain since I’m not taking the time to learn html format right now. We’ll get there...someday...
Happenings, a little life update :)
My birthday has come and gone...and fall is coming and then decided it only wanted to pop its head in not stay for awhile. {It's been in the 90's this week.} Fall is my favorite time of year. It didn't used to be. I love that we can change our ideas.
I went simple for my birthday, taco bar with friends Saturday and then a nice dinner with roommates and the boyfriend on Sunday. And my family was able to be here for the weekend and so was one of my good friends. We had fun hanging out around San Luis Obispo and rushing through the grocery store. I love making unexpected memories. It’s the little things that make us laugh, isn't it?!
Mostly I’ve been being a good student and hopefully a good biblestudy leader. I stepped into a new role this year of leading girls the year below me in school. I love investing into their lives. I have the privilege to meet one on one or two on one with some of the girls. Those times are some of the highlights of my week. Oh and I’ve been working. Fall is a busy time of year when you work for a school. I’ve gone to more football games this season...although that wasn't very hard to do. {I’m lame, I know.} And I’m up-to-date on the Cal Poly soccer world as well since my bosses are into soccer. I love fall.
Senior year is all about going big or going home...right?!?
Really there haven’t been big things going on. And sometimes I feel like I need big things going on to write and make them important. I’ve been reading a sweet blog The Beetle Shack and she is showing me how the simple things are relevant and real. And she gives me a little international flair since she lives in Australia. {sigh}
Disclaimer: She does not know me, and did not compensate me for this.  I just think you should go visit her space!
I have a geography class this quarter and my test this week is on Europe...which we've been learning about the last 2.5 weeks. After our last class I was ready to book a flight and go on an adventure. Responsibility and knowing that I am where I am supposed to be has kept my feet firmly on the ground.
Expect to see some international talk and some more thoughts around here soon. {And maybe I'll get pictures up too}

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  1. I love how fall means so much more in school - football games, new classes, new professors. Sound so fun!


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