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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Retreat {Weekend Recap}

This last weekend I spent time with some awesome people at “fall Retreat.”  500 of us invaded a Marriot Hotel in Ventura, California.  Its craziness, but oh so much fun.  We had a wonderful speaker talking who did a great job of connecting with her audience.  I had the opportunity to talk with her one on one.  Yeah, we talked about other places in the world :)
Megan and I mid date
She is a globe trotter…4 continents in one week.  Impressed?  I was tempted to ask if I could go in her suitcase, or maybe I could be her personal assistant.  She just came in from Accra, Ghana.  We talked about the Frankfurt airport and how we really don’t like it.  We talked about people’s insensitivity to culture.  After our conversation I am convinced that I should be a trainer for groups that want to go abroad on cultural norms, dos and donts.  I shared in her horror as she recounted a recent cultural slip up that she witnessed.  Let’s be aware of other cultures people!
I got to hear parts of 3 amazing girl’s hearts.  I love first year of college students and the way that they have a blank page before them.  These girls have gone through so many things and yet I can see the ways in which they grow.
There was a crazy dance party on Saturday night.  The theme was Disneyland and there were some pretty creative costumes. Yay for dance parties!
I got to go on a lovely beach walk date with Miss Megan.  We’ve been meaning to steal some time away and it was so good to catch up on life.  Friend dates are a necessity of life.
That is just a flavor of this last weekend. 

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