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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Accident Prone

It’s a week of accidents…so far.  My limbs are getting roughed up.  For some reason even with living normal life my body is taking a beating.
Sunday I was helping my roommate with making applesauce {super easy} and moved the pot with the metal handle.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking.  The burn on my right index finger at first didn’t seem that bad.  For the past 3 days I’ve walked around with a blister.  Although in the spirit of Halloween it looks like a wart…
Monday I decided to make one of my favorite feel good and fresh foods… brucchetta.  Its funny because I don’t like tomatoes, but somehow between the garlic and the basil I adore this appetizer.  As I was cutting the tomato, I sliced my left index finger.  It took awhile for the bleeding to stop.  I did a good job and I was using my brand new, extra sharp knife.
Tuesday was just a lack of sleep, although I was a little nervous to be in the kitchen.
And that brings us to today, where I had a series of binders fall on my foot.  I was minding my own business at work, hadn’t even touched anything when binders fell from the sky {or the top shelf}.
I’m learning that life is not safe.
I also have to let you in on a secret, even though I like the kitchen I don’t like dealing with heat, the stove, the oven, hot water…
And I also am very careful with knifes and usually keep my fingers at the very, very, end of the vegetable. 
What is a fears that you’ve been burned by {yes, that pun was intentional}?

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