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Friday, August 10, 2012

Monterey {Coastal Adventure}

The first day of vacation we {the family} traveled down the coast,

As in the California coast,
 Otherwise called Highway 1,

For you non Californians, be warned this road is windy.  Like a snake.  And I don’t always do well with roads like snakes.  This time it was ok.
My parents repeated the phrase “everyone should take this drive once in their lifetime” before and during the drive.  I agree, but you have to…
a)      Not be in a hurry
b)      Enjoy taking your time
c)       Be willing to stop to take it all in along the way
Before we got to the road like a snake, we stopped off of Highway 1 in Monterey.  I have loved coming to Monterey.  It used to be the place of sea otters and touching sea cucumbers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium when I was little. {I highly recommend aquariums for all ages.}  These days I find it more enjoyable to eat clam chowder on the deck and switch off watching people and the ocean.  It’s always fun to spot a creature out in the kelp.
My favorite clam chowder cart

All gone!

Stay tuned for more coastal adventures!

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