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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Large and in charge

It’s big.
It’s an endangered animal.
It’s a mammal.
It lives in the water and on the Central Coast.
It’s an elephant seal.

When I saw them last week on the Central Coast it was just males that were around.  Come spring time all the babies are out and about.  Talk about big babies!  You can only see elephant seals on the California Central Coast.  I suggest you come for a visit!

Ok, If you look at the pictures not the most beautiful animal.  But they are incredible.  Huge and heavy and yet they swim and dive. Amazing.

 We also went to Heart’s Castle that day.  I loved being able to see the architecture again.  Having been in Interior design class in Italy, I studied many of the art forms that we saw.  Hearst had a unique taste.  Although I don’t really like his style I did enjoy being able to pick out the time and country of the pieces display.  His house is truly a museum on display.  There are so many wonderful things that I could say about that place, but to understand one must experience it.
Hearst had his own private ZOO.  He had a polar bear at one point.  And there are still zebras who roam with the cattle. This the first time that I’ve seen them in the area.  And we saw zebras 3 days in a row! 
Lucky us!

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