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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The other day I had a group meeting and had some time to kill.  This is unusual for me, but it also means that I needed to get some things done.  I went and sat at the park and it was a flashback to Italy.  It was strange.  I sat in a park doing homework and watched as people played basketball and children played on the jungle gym.  I was minding my own business and got interrupted by a little 5 year old. 
She informed me that she was in kindergarten, that she went to the local elementary school and had Mr. R as a teacher.  Had I had Mr. R went there?  I told her that sadly I had gone to school somewhere else.  Her favorite time was free time.  What was mine when I was 5?  What did I do now?  Well, I go to school, I am in college.  What do you do in college?  I learn in the classroom, I read and I sometimes do presentations.  I’m learning to read.  You get up in front of the class like show and tell. What do you bring to share with the class?  Sadly, again I had to tell her that our presentations were not like show and tell.
This little girl was Hispanic and our conversation went on a little longer.  I met her 2 year old sister and she told me about her 16 year old brother.  All the while I was thinking about the fact that I love when this happens.  I love when I get interrupted and get to have an adventure by sitting at the park.  I love being approachable. 
I know I don’t approach strangers.  And it seems weird to want to do that.  But just think about how the boldness of that little girl.  It’s a boldness that makes me inspired, but also worried for her.  My heart breaks for the world that she is growing up in and the things that she will have to face.  But I am so thankful for the way in which made me think and made me smile after a very long day.  In Italy people have no qualms about walking up and asking about your business.  To be honest it was refreshing.
That is something that you are finding refreshing in life?

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