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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing again

I look and there are so many Word docs that are titled some variation of “blog in progress.”  It’s a little sad.  I love the blog world.  I am a reader and it spices my life up a bit.

This was a post that I wrote before the New Year.  I wrote it in the middle of my I don’t want to write and let eh world see it, I don’t know if I can write phase of the last month.  Even if it wasn’t the beginning of a year, there is a bit of a new beginning in my life.  I’m ready to move on to the next thing.  It’s a new sensation for me as a typical dweller.

Without further adieu, the post from the past…
So my intention of posting everyday or every other day…yea, not realistic.  I love writing but I have learned I need to go at my own pace.  So far this break I have so many things I could talk about.  I am so blessed.  I have finished a scarf, a book and am working on a few more {books and scarves!}.  I have made some desserts that we only make at Christmas.  And the Christmas parties! 
Every year we go to what is called ‘soup and sing’ which means there is soup for dinner, singing of Christmas carols, and then desserts go around.  Then there was the Christmas party of people we see about once a year and as is tradition we had chili pile up.  Yum! 
Christmas day my family drove to LA to be with family.  It was a generally relaxing day and grandma was waiting at the end of the car ride.  The day after Christmas was the celebration of 30 people… and they are all related to me in some way.  I love my big family.  I don’t know if I’ve written about the odd tradition that we have in my family but we don’t have traditional Christmas dinner.  This year was   Mediterranean food and we had baklava for dessert.  It seems that the holidays involve a lot of food!
I am a person who enjoys quality time with people and it is something I treasure.  I got to have time to go on a walk with some of my cousins and aunts and uncles.  The youngest of our group was 20 months and she was so cute.  She walked a good chunk of the trail.  We saw horses and she squealed and squealed.  I love the little ones!
I got to babysit some little ones the last couple of weeks.  I will have to remember to make indoor snowballs for my someday children.  The 2.5 year old would throw the paper balls in the air and say “It’s snowing!”  in her singsong voice.  I love the joy of a young child.  It does my heart good to be able to rock a baby and I have had the pleasure many times this break.
While in So Cal I went into the heart of LA to visit sweet Megan.  It was exactly a year since we had seen each other and she had dropped me off at the train station in Rome.  What a year it has been!  We got breakfast one morning and then the next day we rode bikes on the beach at sunset.  I got to try her mom’s egg rolls that I heard about the entire time we were in Italy.  We shared memories and caught up on life.  I told you, a lot happens in a year!
I also got to see my friend Rachel and hear about life for her.  We have such a fun friendship and although we don’t hang out often, we always find something that we have in common.  I have had the opportunity to see my friends from high school and there have been old school style conversations on the phone to friends from college.  One of my friends from high school is going to teach in Guatemala and I got to see so many friends from high school group at church when we got together to say ‘see you later.’  I love that so many people are dreaming and going on adventures.
 Lots of writing…thanks for making it to the end!

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