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Friday, January 25, 2013

Music Makes Me Happy

You know what I love, that I have had a song stuck in my head.  I make sure to have it come on whenever I get in the car this week.  The voice is rich and the lyrics are strung to a melody that lets me sing my heart out.  For a few minutes it’s just me singing…to my car.  And I have learned that it doesn’t matter if the neighbor is walking past me, or if the guy in his giant truck laughs at me, or if the little old lady looks at me quizzically.  I am using my voice in a sweet way.
I have a fun fact about me; I sing in the car, when I’m alone, and especially on car trips.  It keeps me awake, focused, and makes the miles go faster.  This last car trip that happened just a few days ago was a flashback through my life in music.  I put the ipod on shuffle and sung.  There were 90’s worship songs, boy band sagas of elementary school, some 80’s hits, and then some indie, even some instrumental to round out the mix.  It was eclectic.  Life is eclectic. 
I have been thinking about what it means to have variety in life and this is one of the ways that I see it so clearly.  Music is a memory maker for me.  Certain songs are associated with certain events.  Music speaks to me and I learned a long time ago that it is a language. 
If you’ve been around here you would know that I am not a language person in the fact that I don’t pick them up easily.  But I feel languages.  They ring in the depths of my heart and my ears perk up when I hear an unfamiliar tone.  Music is a language to me.  I feel it, I can move to it, I can even speak it…but I am not fluent.  I can’t read or write it, but it speaks to me and I speak back.
Do you speak music?  Or language?  Or maybe you speak art?  Maybe you speak math or chemistry?
What do you speak and have you truly spoken it from the depths of your soul lately?

This is the artist I am loving and one of my favorites by her

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