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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winter Quarter Done

What a week. Finals
are done and it is spring break. It’s raining
and this morning it was hailing. It feels
odd to be done. I don’t have homework
due tomorrow. I don’t have a test next
week that I should be worrying about and start studying for…um, yesterday?
It’s done.
It’s out of my control.
And I’m letting go.
So here is recap of some highlights this week. It includes some things I’ve missed telling
you {those that read this}. I’ve missed
writing on this blog. I’ve been trying
to live in the moment. But I’m ready to
be back. I’m ready to share. So here we go…
Last Sunday Amazing Race aired the show that I got to see a
small taping of when I was in Torino, Italy.
And since I’ve had finals all week that is next on the list to watch. It’s my treat. I can’t wait to see my city again!
Pi day was the day I finished finals. So naturally I made apple pie. And I got gutsy and made a lattice top. It turned out and was yummy.
Thursday was dessert night with friends in Arroyo Grande. We had strawberry shortcake and it was
Thursday and Friday I worked most of the day. I am loving excel and mail mergers. And unfortunately I’m not kidding. Excel is magical…
And today is Saturday.
And I had a wonderful morning in a coffee shop. Just taking the time to let go and
unwind. I got to journal and let
go. Do you ever find that you think
things through when you write them? The feeling
is not describable. I let go of so many
things this morning. And there was a
cheesy metaphor of the rain coming down and washing it all away.
So I’m going to leave you with my long week. And I’m going to watch and see teams race in
my crazy beautiful city. Oh how I miss Italy…
Enjoy your weekend, rain or shine!

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  1. Will you watch it again with me? Please?! I want to watch it with your comments and extra tidbits of information about what they are doing. Looking forward to time together soon!! xoxo


Thanks for your sweet comment!