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Friday, June 20, 2014

Talking {Coffee} Shop

We all know my love of coffee shops.  Here is a few things happening in and around the coffee shop before I head of to work...

Hearing Conversations About:
The free cup of coffee when buying  a bag of beans and the amount of people who don't redeem it
An older woman who doesn't have her usual seat, "It's such a busy morning..."
A group from the company down the street on the different type of men's v-neck t-shirts
"I don't remember what I did last week, soccer?  Yes, it was soccer non-stop..."
Camp Galileo and the cool {overwhelmingly so} science projects
Cranberry scones and "Are you allergic to almonds?"
House blend, they have to brew a new pot
Pinching children's cheeks, they are just so dang adorable!
Business deals
Weekend plans

Empty cups
Red walls
Breakfast scattered tables
Business clothes
Casual clothes
Bright bags
Pouring liquids
Specially brewed coffee
Brown coffee bags

It is a busy day!  Happy Friday!

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