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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dressed in Capability

When I watch the Oscars I watch for the dresses and well the musical performances, but mostly the dresses.  But… I’m not going to give you a rundown of my favorites or a list of my top dressed.  Instead, let’s talk about art.  See I love looking at dresses, and drawing them, and trying them on.  My friend went wedding dress shopping and I loved it…mostly.  Bridal shop, please adjust your lighting.  Please.
A few years ago I picked up a retro drawing of a dress in LA.  It lived on my bulletin board in college and made it into a shadow box that lived on my bookshelf for a few years.  When I go into a thrift shop I’m the one who takes FOREVER looking through all the patterns and looking for the retro, vintage ones.  I have a pattern for a slip from the 50’s, which I bought fabric for, and was going to make for my senior year prom dress.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.
This brings me to some art pieces that I saw and love the retro look.  You know what I also love, the statement. 
:) !
I’m not going to go all feminist on you.   I’m just going to tell you that I am capable.  Honestly, I am much more comfortable in a dress than wielding a power tool. 
But, there are some days that I want to show you that I am tough. 
I can get dirty. {Ok, I’d prefer my dirt to be flour over mud}
 I can saw down a tree in the mountains. {Christmas trees count!}
I can dig a hole. {Although I’d like the hole to then hold a flower plant or vegetable garden}
I can hammer a nail. {Picture frames up on the wall, check}
I drive a manual car.
I have jumped a car battery multiple times, sometimes without assistance.
I can mount TVs to walls. {Mini tool sets are useful}
I can operate heavy equipment. {Yay tractor driving}
All this to say, I want to be confident in my abilities and to exercise my capabilities.  I also want to embrace my love of the swish of fabric and the click of heels.  I’m learning how to blend the two.  And I’m learning how to show that I am capable.
What are you capable of?

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