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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here we go

Every year our family writes a Christmas card that is then scattered across the United States via US Postal service.  Within the envelope is not only a picture {or many} from the year but also a note, an update.  It highlights the big accomplishments and the everyday activities.  No we don’t talk about what we eat or our brand of dish soap, but the soccer practices, volleyball games, and dance classes.  This year I felt as if I had nothing to write.  I felt as if I did nothing that could be considered noteworthy.
The truth…I did.  I did many things that in my warped view of thinking are not important.  In others views, they are exciting, growth, and things to celebrate.  But the thing about these activities is that each has a story attached to it.  We don’t do because we have too.  I mean, I guess we could, but hopefully we don’t add things to our lives because we have too.
I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make sacrifices in doing things for others or that we don’t have activities that we do because it’s our responsibility and our duty.  I’m saying that life should not be lived as a string of responsibilities that flow into a single string of mundane.  Life should be lived with a proper sense of accomplishment, celebration, and joy.  Even in the sorrow and the darkness, there is cause for celebration and an unspeakable joy can be found.
Today was a day where I found delight and joy.  It wasn’t because things went my way, or I hung out with my friends all day.  I did fairly ordinary things for a 22 year old of normal US life.  I woke up later than I ever planned to, which usually makes me annoyed.   But today, I woke up and I was next to my dear friend with the Rose Parade making sounds from the living room TV.  In pajamas we went to the living room and had homemade cinnamon rolls and Momma made us lattes.  This is tradition, the parade on New Year’s morning, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.  I’ve graduated from hot chocolate, but it depends on the morning.
We lounged around, talking and laughing.  The parade led into the outdoor hockey game and we let it be.  There was more movement, clothes put on, faces washed, tidying of beds, and blankets.  My brother came home with a friend, and mine left.  But before she did we spent time talking about work and life, venting and talking as one topic transitioned into the next.  Before long the time had slipped away and we were still standing in the street.
There was searching for the football game and finally streaming it.  There was a spread of leftovers from the party last night.  In between all the activity errands were run, simple house chores were done, and the day crept on.  I’m not a football watcher, but for some reason I wanted to watch today.  It was enjoyable to me.
Before the game was done we headed off to the movies for our New Year’s tradition.  We watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  It was better than I expected and I think I sat on travel bugs because I got bit.
During the day we hadn’t prepped for the night, so dinner was take out burritos from our favorite place.  There was conversation around the table and a little interrogation of our guest.  It was followed by goodbyes, the clearing of plates, and curling up on the couch with a new book from Christmas. 
This day, it didn’t go as a planned.  But really, I couldn’t have planned the little details.  I was surprised, delighted, and yes there were even moments of annoyance.  It was a good day for a new year.  This New Year it’s like the ones before; fresh, crisp, ready.  So here we go.

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