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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We've got Apples!

The house that I grew up in has an apple tree in the backyard.  We used to have 2 trees, but they both started to show signs of disease.  Anyways I grew up with these apples that were only good for baking.  Just plain they are tart!  We would make all kinds of goodies, and in the process of peeling we would eat apple peel strings.  Sweet times!
The campus ministry I am a part of announced a community program where people would invite friends over to make apple pies and treats and then give them to people in the community. The night that was planned is the night that my biblestudy meets…so we incorporated it into study!

 The girls had so much fun and we made 4 pies.  Dutch Apple style.  It was easier than trying to do two crusts.  I went cheap on this one, and with lack of time as a college student we went with store bought crusts.  The girls cut enough apples to make an apple dessert {Apple Kuchen} and a pot of applesauce.  And there was still more apples.  I am still trying to use them up, so you will probably see one more post of apples! 
What is your favorite apple dish?

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  1. I LOVE apple pie with a crumbled struesel topping, so yummy! I also make apple butter every Christmas to give away as gifts. Look like you had fun!


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