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Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunset and a Rodeo {Weekend Recap}

It’s another Monday and another week. It’s times like these that I remember how fast time goes. This is a little lighter post than some of the last month because I got to do so many fun things this weekend. I’m sorry I don’t have all the pictures to prove it, but you have a good imagination right?

This weekend was Cal Poly’s open house or Poly Royal as it has been formerly known. I purposefully didn’t sign up to man any booths, but I ended up being at school anyways so I got to enjoy the festivities.
Every open house they host the rodeo and I got to go Friday. We have had so much rain the last week so it was muddy! On Thursday night my family was in town and we went out to farmers market. It started to pour and then it hailed! Yes, I live in California. Yes, it is April…. Anyways the rodeo was lots of fun even though it was quite cold and windy. I was bundled up and I still was cold. A guy I knew was one of the steer riders. He did a great job, and was the only one that stayed on which means he got the highest score.

Saturday I went and got my first pair of “big girl” cowgirl boots {is that what I call them?}. I haven’t worn them yet, but pictures will be coming soon. I got to walk around open house with my Daddy and brother {My brother is coming to join me next year! Yay!} and then grabbed some coffee with my Daddy. It was such a nice day. My sweet friend came and spent the night at our house. It was so fun just to spend time with her. Girls night consisted of making pretzels. Yum!

I think last night ended the weekend on the right note. I had spent a lot of time studying and to preface it was a school assignment. I have to go look at the sunset multiple times this quarter and so last night was time # 1. Talk about beauty! If God cares enough to paint beautiful sunsets, then he must care an awful lot about you and me. We drove through a couple valleys in the canyons and then up onto the ridge. It is so green and lush from the recent rains. And it was the perfect lookout point. Again be looking for pictures. I may just have to do a post of pictures!

What have your recent adventures been? I’d love to read your comments!

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