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Monday, January 19, 2015

Back...and Letting the Secret Out

If you haven’t already guessed or figured it out, I was in Europe for Christmas. Germany to be precise.  The whole family went to see my brother who is studying in Munich for the German semester.  We are starting a trend for our sisters… we hope!
We started by landing in Switzerland and it was off to Munich where we stayed for a few days. We made a day trip to Nuremburg too. After that we headed to Rothenberg, a medieval walled city. And finally we ended our time in Prague and rang in the New Year. Happy 2015!
If you think we are crazy, we think so too!
If you are wondering how we did it, email or comment away. I hope to provide some back story and some of the adventures here. Maybe you can keep me accountable?!

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  1. And might I say you survived all the store closings and walking everywhere in the snow :) glad you got to have such a fun adventure with the Stothers Clan! - Megan


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